Saturday, October 27, 2012

Last Day!

We got to sleep in today! breakfast was at 9:30 then after breakfast, we started our evaluations. Evaluations went all the way to 3:00. My evalation was right after lunch which was at 12. After alll that we had a game against the U16 CASL team at 5. we won 2-0. The best part of the whole day was dinner though. We got turkey burgers, pizza, cookies, and more varieties of food. Everyone ate the night away. After dinner we had a meeting about the camp and the staff and how everything with the flights tomorrow was going to work. Then everyone went to each other's rooms and got pictures and just hung out because it was our last night together. But we finished our team video "gangnam style- U14 GNT Cary, NC" you can see your video on youtube! after allllllll that everyone went to their own rooms to sleep so the next morning wouldnt be hectic. The camp was so much fun but im happy to be coming home to see my family and my friends...High School Playoff Game today right after I get off the plane ;)

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