Saturday, October 27, 2012

Last Day!

We got to sleep in today! breakfast was at 9:30 then after breakfast, we started our evaluations. Evaluations went all the way to 3:00. My evalation was right after lunch which was at 12. After alll that we had a game against the U16 CASL team at 5. we won 2-0. The best part of the whole day was dinner though. We got turkey burgers, pizza, cookies, and more varieties of food. Everyone ate the night away. After dinner we had a meeting about the camp and the staff and how everything with the flights tomorrow was going to work. Then everyone went to each other's rooms and got pictures and just hung out because it was our last night together. But we finished our team video "gangnam style- U14 GNT Cary, NC" you can see your video on youtube! after allllllll that everyone went to their own rooms to sleep so the next morning wouldnt be hectic. The camp was so much fun but im happy to be coming home to see my family and my friends...High School Playoff Game today right after I get off the plane ;)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 6 US Women's National Team Camp

Today my roommate and I woke up at 7:55. We had five minutes until breakfast so we were rushing around everywhere trying to get ready to go eat. Today the trainings were more intense than yesterday. They were still really fun though. We had a shooting drill and I made all my shots left footed, but I didn't do so well right footed. Which is surprising because I'm right footed. But today we got to go out to dinner! We went to the resturant kanki. It's a Japanese restaurant where they cook the food in front of you. It's like the soho in Cincinnati. After dinner Courtney Jones, Zoey Morse, Jenna Bike, and my room mate Jaida Scott came back to the hotel and chilled in my room. We went on YouTube and watched really funny videos of people with funny laughs. Haha we have no life. But after a while we had to go to bed. Tomorrow is our last day and we play CASL, a club team from down here. We get to sleep in tomorrow! I can't wait to play!

Day 5 US Women's National Team Camp

We got to sleep in today!! We woke up at 9:00 today because we didn't have a morning session so we had a later breakfast. After breakfast we had a pool session. It was freezing. After the pool session we had lunch then had to go to training. We didn't have training until 3:00 today. Today we only practiced for 40 minutes! Nothing really hard at all, so it was a good day. After the training we watched the U15 national team play. They actually lost! It was a good, close game, but they lost. When we got back to the hotel we just chilled in our rooms til we fell asleep.

Day 4 US Women's National Team Camp

We woke up at 7:30 again today. also, today we had our first scrimmage. It was against each other. For the early training we practiced with our team and set positions, so it basically was a walk through. The walk through wasn't that long it was about an hour long and was easy. On the way to the game the car was blasting pump up songs the whole way there. My team won the game 3-1. It was a really good game. After the scrimmage we went to a restaurant to watch the women's national team play Germany. When we were there we got dessert!! First time e whole time we have been there! Unfortunately they tied again. After the game we went back to the hotel and went to bed, after all it had been a long day.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 3 US Women's National Team Camp

Today my roommate and I woke up at 7:30 again. Everyone was so sore after the trainings today. We played 5v5 and scrimmaged today. A long game of up and down the river and we were tired and ready for dinner. We had a Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey…excellent!! After dinner everyone took ice baths for 10-15 minutes. After the ice bath my legs felt so amazingly fresh that I felt I could do sprints. After the ice baths we hung out in my room and watched movies basically all night until everyone went to their room then we went to bed.

Day 2 US Womens National Team Camp

My roommate and I woke up at 7:30 today so we could get to breakfast first before all the good bread was gone. We had our first training today and we had “Spark” testing. We had to run 20 meters, do a ”Y” running drill, and do the beep test. Today the U15 Women's National Team came in and I got to see some friends that were on that team. Other than that we talked and caught up with what everyone had been doing since the last camp. It was great to see my friend Mary Alice Vignola!

Day 1 - US Women's National Team Camp

Day 1: Nervous, Couldn’t sleep… I woke up at 6:30am. Double check everything I packed…yes everything… We went to the airport got Starbucks coffee cake and I boarded my plane. The plane ride was really short and when I got to Chicago I went to my friend Zoe Morse’s gate because she was supposed to get at the airport a half an hour after me. Zoe is on the team also. I met her at the last National Team camp, When I got to her gate I waited like 20 minutes. She never came so I called her and she said she was at my gate. I had like 15 minutes till they started boarding my plane so I sprinted through the airport and barely made it to my gate before they started boarding. I ran about a mile and a half there and back. Zoe and I did not have seats next to each other on the plane. A nice man let us switch seats…Thank goodness for nice people. The plane ride to Raleigh-Durham wasn't that long. When we got there we got picked up in the USA National Team van. When we got to the hotel we ate lunch and took a stretch test. The test was to see how flexible you were and where your muscles were strained and where possible injury could occur. Then we went to pool training. This is we're you do a warm up but in the pool… very cool. After the pool training we went to a bar to watch the Women's National Team play against Germany. Unfortunately they tied 1 to 1. After the game we came back to the hotel had dinner then finally went to bed.